• U.S. cannabis prices fall due to oversupply

    On: 26 de setembro de 2019
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    U.S. cannabis prices fall due to oversupply

    The cost per lb of appropriate cannabis has plummeted in due to january oversupply.

    Analysts at Cannabis Benchmarks, a separate agency that keeps monitoring ofthe commodity’s spot price index within the http://www.cbdoildelivery.org U.S., stated that the overabundance of cannabis has sent the wholesale costs associated with the said commodity right into a “free fall.”

    Based on the Cannabis Benchmarks report, the U.S. spot cost index for weed is at a nationwide average of $1,292 per pound within the 3rd week of January. This cost represented a 3.5 % decline through the week before that.

    Worldwide CBD Exchange

    Spot price may be the marketplace that is current at which a commodity could be offered or purchased for immediate distribution.

    Price drop is dramatically driven by decrease in Oregon’s cooking pot costs


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